NAV: 9/9

YEAR: 2016-2022

Several years ago I was introduced to film photography while travelling and I immediately became drawn in by how it’s restrictions encouraged more awareness of one’s surroundings and ultimately more presence in the moment. Since then, whether I was backpacking in the Sierra Nevadas, hitchhiking through Cuba, or taking in the architecture of Paolo Soleri, my trusty Leica camera stayed within arms reach at all times, ready to capture anything and everything. The lack of screens and limited amount of exposures in each roll taught me the values of intention, discernment, and patience.

As a well-studied and working graphic designer, I have allowed these takeaways from film to be influential and firmly rooted in my process as an artist. By sharpening my knowledge of these various mediums, I have been able to let my experiences in one inform creative decisions in the others, and vice versa.

In addition to simply enjoying capturing nature, archicture, and people I come across, I have been priviledged to contract for a handful of special brands and collectives as a content creator and lifestyle photographer.