NAV: 4/9

YEAR: 2022

The innovative SAAS company, Avver.ai is a subscription-based hiring service, offering artificial intelligence (AI) interviewers. The AI conducts interviews with potential candidates instead of actual people–without the interviewees knowing that they’re talking to a machine. Avver.ai is on a mission to provide a seamless and effortless experience for hiring companies, and a fair, unbiased interview experience for candidates. The AI is built to ask strategic questions and provide company information without judgment of the candidate’s superficial information such as gender, age, race, ethnicity, or religion.

Avver.ai’s voice is compassionate, sensitive, intuitive, and sophisticated. The bright color palette of this brand allows it to adapt to a variety of tones and moods: implementing all colors at once creates a fun and playful canvas for copywriting, while using just one color presents a more technical, sophisticated layout. The tracked type and rounded corners of the logo establish a friendliness that is approachable to clients, but does not sacrifice it’s professionalism. The marketing assets for Avver.ai are minimal with simple visual cues, further reinforcing the idea that their interface and product are simple and easy to use.