NAV: 8/9

YEAR: 2018

Far & Out is a seasonal journal probing the minds of those who choose to distance themselves from mainstream culture and opt for an alternative lifestyle. Through interviews, case studies, story telling, and photography, the journal immerses the reader into life on the outskirts, where people pay no mind to social conditioning or the status quo.

To outdistance competition and create a unique reading experience, Far & Out’s branding is sleek and flexible, allowing every article to breathe their own personality into the pages - from scanned handwriting to unaltered film photographs, each spread captures the tone and spirit of whatever story is being told. The masthead is modified from the typeface Nazare, who’s quill pen inspired strokes inject a sophisticated yet human element into the branding. When paired with a custom ampersand and captivating imagery, a truly standalone identity comes into fruition.

Photography: Foster Huntington, Harry Mark, Trevor Gordon, Woody Gooch