NAV: 6/9

YEAR: 2020

Komorebi is a medium format film stock provider based out of Japan that aims to establish a modern and chic company in an otherwise sterile and dated industry. With a strong resurgence in analog photography across the globe, the brand targets a younger audience that is drawn in by companies with an emphasis on elegance and self-expression.

The general aesthetic of Komorebi pulls key elements from film’s past and places it in a contemporary context. The secondary typeface Condor harkens back to mid-century French cinema, while the primary typeface Canela exudes a present-day sophistication reminiscent of high brow fashion branding. Each film package is flooded with an image taken with the roll it contains, creating an engaging textural graphic that also showcases Komorebi’s connection to the growing trend of minimal, sensualist, and surrealist photography. The label’s colors are bright but incorporated with restraint, allowing for subtle yet clear differentiation between products.