NAV: 2/9

YEAR: 2021-2022

Scout Distribution is an independently owned craft alcohol wholesaler based in San Diego, California. Scout has been created to reshape and disrupt the everyday understanding of a craft beverage distributor. Since it’s inception in 2019, Scout has expanded it’s footprint from San Diego to Los Angeles, Orange County, and Arizona. It’s roster of brands continues to grow exponentially.

Scout’s unique branding injects a contemporary edge into the traditionally bland alcohol wholesaler zeitgeist. By placing an emphasis on aesthetic and marketablility, Scout enables itself to mesh well with even the hippest and most current alcohol companies it distributes (Juneshine, Calidad, Loverboy, Jetway, Zuzu, etc.). By emphasizing imagery and implementing a clean and minimal identity, Scout allows each brand to express itself freely in their email banners, sell sheets, instagram posts, and point of sale materials. This approach pedestals the diversity of Scout’s portfolio to the various buyers across the market, from neighborhood liquor stores to upscale dining establishments.