NAV: 5/9

YEAR: 2019

Varial Foam is a preexisting surfboard brand that uses state of the art technology and innovation to elevate board design. This project dreams up an app that allows users in the Northern Los Angeles area to temporarily book Varial’s surfboards from their shop in Ventura in a way that is similar to renting a novel from a library.

While there are currently no surfboard rental apps on the market today, many people are familiar with using their mobile phones to navigate a booking process, whether it be from AirBnb, Turo, Audible, etc. By taking detailed notes from these service’s pages and combining them with the sophistication of Varial’s brand identity, a refined and user friendly mobile experience comes into fruition. The muted color palette evokes moods of coastal scenery while also creating a neutral and sleek environment for the brand’s products to live. The typeface Montserrat is used throughout the app, whose large sans-serif family allows for a clear hierarchy to be established on every screen, enabling the user to more efficiently navigate the app.