NAV: 7/9

YEAR: 2018

Named after the Hindu deity of the ocean, Varuna is an organic incense and surf wax company based out of Southern California whose easy-going, earthy design caters to the less competitive side of the surfing community. The company targets the rapidly growing hippie-esque subculture that prioritizes eco-consciousness and are interested in the more meditative and artistic aspects of the sport.

The design elements throughout Varuna’s packaging work together to foster a relaxed and approachable experience that emphasizes a surfer’s spiritual connection to the ocean as well as their responsibility to protect it. The brand’s advocation for sustainable practices is apparent from the first glance due the fibrous hemp paper that each label is printed on. Inspired by illustration styles found throughout ancient Eastern culture, the graphic elements on the labels act as an engaging center piece while also creating a unique and recognizable identity. The smooth curves and varying widths of the typeface Hobeaux allow the body copy to feel unified with these elements. To convey the lighthearted spirit of the brand, a lively color palette is incorporated. These variances of primary colors systematically rotate from package to package to create differentiation amongst the products.